Are you feeling lost, drained, and overwhelmed by your toddlers behavior? Have you tried everything to get your kid to listen but their defiance has left you feeling hopeless?

Does your kid or teens disruptive behavior make it impossible to enjoy time together? You are not alone. Whether you are…

Experiencing traumatic events can influence how you cope with stress, experience relationships, and even impact your physical health.

There are many statistics that show a significant number of first responders, essential workers, those diagnosed with a pandemic virus, as well as children and adults who have experienced quarantine or a…

You went through so much to share your home and life with this child, but things aren’t going as you had hoped. You may be finding it hard to bond to the child, or maybe the child is not bonding to you or their new family.

Having the opportunity to…

Meet LaKeisha Jordan, LLPC!

Clients: Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults
Specialties: Childhood Trauma, Depression, Anxiety

Has your teen experienced trauma? Do you feel overwhelmed by your teens behavior? Your teen could be suffering from PTSD. Often, children who have experienced trauma will display high-risk behavior or act out. They may…

Raising a teenager can be challenging.

Many adolescents and teens struggle with all the changes occurring in their environment, loss of school, ability to spend time with friends, and some even missing milestone events like graduation, dances, sports, or other elements that they valued in their life pre-pandemic. …

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